Help us plan our after-opera coffee


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Update #2
(3:30PM, Oct 3rd)

The videocast of Das Rheingold on Saturday, Oct 9th, at 1:00pm will be shown in HD at these five local theaters: SilverCity GloucesterStarCité HullCineplex Odeon South KeysColiseum Ottawa, and Cineplex Odeon Barrhaven.

Tally so far: To the best of our knowledge, two people plan to view the videocast at SilverCity, one at Coliseum, four at South Keys, and three of us who will happily go with the majority. We’re still looking for more people to join us after the videocast and add to the fun.

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Here is a map of the two theaters favoured by Barbara’s class,  SilverCity Gloucester and Cineplex Odeon South Keys, and the centrally located café we’ve proposed for our post-opera tête-à-tête:

(click map for larger view)

Based on the cinema end time of 4:15pm, we look forward to having our rendezvous around 4:40 or so. The winning destination is:

Roast n Brew

Roast n Brew

843 Bank St


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16 Responses to Help us plan our after-opera coffee

  1. Kiscica says:

    I hope that we will get a lot of comments with suggestions! My suggestion is that if we all agree to go to the Carling Ave. Cineplex, the above mentioned Bridgehead is the best location for the coffee-klatsch, but if we go to the South Keys Cineplex, I’d pick Roast ‘n Brew in the Glebe in Fifth Avenue Court.

  2. Fearless Ring-Leaders…..Just tell me where to go and I’ll be there!

    …..quite incapable of any sensible input…..I’m spoiled rotten living so close to the Bytowne….haven’t been to a cineplex in living memory.
    However I am prepared to haul myself out to the boonies for Rheingold etc.
    ….awaiting orders…

  3. Kiscica says:

    I can add to the above that Carole will most likely go to the South Keys location, because she lives near Hunt Club and Susan – just like Rosemary – is flexible: she said she’ll go where we will be.
    I’ve only been to this location so far, so I don’t know if any of the others have stereo. I, however, know one thing: the nearest decent coffee-house to this one is Bridgehead in the Glebe and the second nearest is Roast ‘n Brew… 🙂
    See, Rosemary, while there’s “Live from the Met” in the boonies, there isn’t a cool enough spot to discuss the show after… 😦 😛

  4. Dyslexius says:

    Hi all, I just posted an update above. I’ve put a tally of people who are attending the cinema, along with more details about the theaters and the post-cinema café location. We’re still looking for more people to join us after the videocast and add to the fun. Cheers, Bob

  5. Kiscica says:

    Thanks for the map, Bob! Please, put on the Carling Ave. location, too, because Helen said she’ll go there. Thanks again! We will definitely have a good time!

    • Dyslexius says:

      That’s the Coliseum Cineplex. I wanted to include it, but it’s too far west to fit in the little space we have for a single map. I will let Helen know that we want her with us!!!! Helen?? I hope you’re listening! Barring traffic, the cafe is about a 15-20 minute drive from that theater: Straight in on 417 then south on Bank (417-Bronson-Chamberlain-Bank) –Bob.

  6. Hello all!

    We’re keen on joining the post-Rheigold event from South Keys where we’ll be next Saturday with a couple of friends. We’ll be there if at all possible, as there’s a whole lot of shakin’ going on in our lives at the moment.

    843 Bank Street has been mentioned as the rendez-vous point, but Google Maps shows that as being in Ottawa South at Riverside & Bank, an odd location in this context. On the other hand, there’s a posting from Kiscica referring to Roast ‘n Brew in the Glebe in Fifth Avenue Court, which seems more logical. So, even though Google Maps did not turn it up for us, that’s where we’ll go unless redirected.

    Bob, we’re curious about your assessment of the South Keys sound system. We’ve been enjoying it for the past three years. Perhaps we need ear education.

    See you soon

    Bill & Jocelyne

    • I’m looking forward to discussing with you the Met presentation of this divine music-drama! I’m not sure what Google maps might have “told” you, but Roast ‘n Brew is at 843 Bank St., in Fifth Ave. Court, in the Glebe. See you there on Saturday after the show!

    • Dyslexius says:

      I just did a Google Map search for the address and it was one block off (inexcusable, of course). So, I decided to set my map to the correct intersection (5th Avenue and Bank, northwest corner). Here is the street view looking right into “5th Avenue Court” in which Roast n Brew resides (the coffeehouse windows are papered over in this shot). Click here for my view. The coffee cup icon on my map above is also correct, despite the fact it covers 1 sq. km :–)

      South Keys sound system: That March 2oo8 Tristan was mono, not stereo. It was high quality mono (that’s why I sarcastically referred to 1950’s mono, which was mono at its most advanced state just before stereo came in), but I expected multi-channel, or stereo at the very minimum. However, next week’s most important criterion for me is the social aspect, and it looks like we’ll be attending South Keys for that reason.

      I’m so glad you and Bill will be joining us – and bringing friends (so you’re not embarrassed to be with us in public!) –Bob

  7. Dyslexius says:

    The issue of Met Opera theater sound has been bugging me, so I thought I’d do some research just to be sure that the Met actually transmits to the theaters a multi-channel audio stream (I’ve been operating on assumption until now). So I found this, from the Met Opera’s webpage:

    Q. How is the sound managed?

    A. Our broadcasts are engineered and delivered to movie theaters in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound to accommodate most movie theater systems. It is the next best audio experience to being in the opera house itself.

    Multi-channel (5.1, normally) is a given when one talks “HD”. The local theaters are, of course, totally in control of the sound we hear in the theater. Perhaps South Keys is not wired up for 5.1 or even for stereo. They have multiple screens as I recall, and perhaps only some of them are fully HD configured.

  8. Kiscica says:

    😛 I’m sure that our friends and acquaintances are proud of being with us in public, as I’m happy and proud of being in their company, otherwise I wouldn’t be in touch with them – neither publicly nor privately!… 😛 🙂 🙂

  9. Sue says:

    Hello everyone
    I will be at Silver City Das Rheingold on Saturday and will try to make it to the klatch. Roast n Brew on Bank is good for me. Cheers!

  10. Dyslexius says:

    Here’s some news from yesterday’s Carleton class:

    I’d like to thank Sherry for her interesting presentation of the Rhine River artifacts. What a nice connection to the main topic!


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