Final Update


We did attend the show, it was a wonderful experience. A small group of people from my class joined Bob and me at the Roast ‘n Brew in the Glebe. We had fun while we discussed the show and had a bite to eat.





3 Responses to Final Update

  1. Dyslexius says:

    Because of my passion for the Ring music (I know that has not been particularly evident to anyone – I thought I’d reveal it here, in print) and my love to exchange views with fun and smart people, Saturday was a highlight for me. It was great fun. I wound up doing most of the camera-handling and I want to apologize for the fact many pix did not turn out, so a few folks are not represented. Meow.

  2. Hey….anyone who enters a room of 50 people wearing eyepatch and carrying a massive rood to attend a lecture on Rheingold must surely have anticipated being considered apassionato??….so don’t give me this guff of it not being evident…
    Am revelling in my induction into the ranks of the “fun and the smart”……..if these are the perks, then let’s have more such occasions….Rosemary

    • Kiscica says:

      All the people who attended our Rheingold chat are fun and smart! I hope to have many more get-togethers of this kind with many participants! All opera lovers who come to the Carleton every week for six weeks are smart and fun to be with… Of course, having Wotan himself with us enhanced the meeting considerably… ūüôā

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