“Duke Bluebeard’s Castle” in progress

Four finished, three more to go…


As I’d announced in my “Autumn News”, I’ve been working on a miniature tapestry series, entitled “Duke Bluebeard’s Castle – behind the seven doors”. Completing each little tapestry is a minor victory, – the major victory will be finishing the whole series.


The story symbolizes the life story of Bluebeard, but actually of every man, who will not allow prying into the secrets of his soul. Judith, his new wife insists to reveal everything about his life. The symbols of his history are hidden behind seven doors. Each of my mini tapestry represents the content of each room behind the door. They’re 14.5 x 10.5 cm, except the seventh, which is going to be larger.  I use the colours of Bartok’s original stage direction:


    • 1. (The torture chamber) Blood-red
    • 2. (The armory) Yellowish-red
    • 3. (The treasury) Golden
    • 4. (The garden) Bluish-green
    • 5. (The kingdom) White (the stage directions read: “in a gleaming torrent, the light streams in”, “blue mountains”)
    • 6. (The pool of tears) Darkness; the main hall is darkened, as if a shadow had passed over
    • 7. (The wives) Silvery (stage directions: “silver like the moon”)


The Torture Chamber symbolizes his suffering during his childhood and youth.


The Armory symbolizes his maturity as he begins to defend himself.


The Treasury symbolizes his professional & financial success.


The Garden symbolizes his artistic talent and his romantic side.


Presently I’m working on the design of the fifth door, I’ll announce it when I complete the tapestry of it.


One Response to “Duke Bluebeard’s Castle” in progress

  1. Dyslexius says:

    This is such an ambitious project, Dear Golden Spider! It seems it will become a major work of tapestry. Why not tell us a bit about how these miniatures will be arranged when comprising the final, integrated work? It’s looking gorgeous!

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