Goldspider Studio

Barbara named her art studio Goldspider (a.k.a. Goldenspider) because her major medium is fibre art: designing and weaving tapestries.  She completed her first fibre art project in the age of four, her Grandmother taught her embroidery and encouraged her to design her first independent project, a small textile coaster. She got further educated in all media of visual art and in art history in highschool and in the university. After graduating she worked in the field of psychology, but never abandoned visual art, she explored various media in her free time.

She works with clay (there’s a kiln in her basement), paints, makes unique, one-of-a-kind, hand-sculpted jewellery and her fibre art includes silk-painting (she got her first lessons from her mother, who did it professionally for a while) and redesigning vintage clothing.  She learned tapestry designing and weaving in the Ottawa School of Art from 1986 to 1990. She has been exhibiting her tapestries in various art galleries in Ottawa and won several prizes.

Three large tapestries (3′ x 3’10” – 90 cm x 160 cm) from the series entitled “My Garden of Hope”, in which each tapestry is inspired by a person, who is represented in the form of a flower and a piece of music.

Don’s flower is the bird of Paradise and his music is Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto #1

Wilma’s flower is the orchid and her music is Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E minor

Magda’s flower is the cyclamen and her music is an excerpt from Ferenc Erkel’s opera, “László Hunyadi.



This large tapestry, entitled Ottawa Ballet, adorned the lobby of the Nation’s Capital’s former ballet company, Ottawa Ballet. This wonderful company produced many successful performances under the artistic direction of Frank Augustyn. Unfortunately it ceased to exist due to lack of funding.

Barbara also works with clay, creating sculptures, functional art and one-of-a-kind, sculpted jewellery.

Amor & Psyche


Moonlight Sonata

To view more artwork by Barbara, please, click on the Etsy   Famous lovers - bas reliefswidget on the right side of the page.

Her work in progress is a series of miniature tapestries entitled Bluebeard’s Castle, based on the legend of Bluebeard and Bartok’s opera. So far these six “doors” are completed:

The Lake of Tears

The Torture Chamber

The Armory

The Treasury

The Garden

The Kingdom


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