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(This is the original post of Friday, Oct 1st…)

Some of us will attend the live HD video screening of the Metropolitan Opera’s new and fabulous Rheingold at one of the three local theaters which carry it. Yesterday at Barbara’s Carleton lecture, we invited all of you to join us afterwards for coffee, conviviality, and perhaps a bit of Ring geek-talk. Later today (Friday, Oct 1),  I’ll post the rest of this and you may then begin commenting (well, you don’t really have to wait for that!) so we can choose a venue that will inevitably be a compromise location, but, hopefully, will be convenient for all.

An obvious choice is a central location, such as upper Bank Street convenient to the 417. The rub there is that those coffeehouses are often filled to near capacity. We might opt for the Bridgehead on Wellington which is large, has its own parking in the rear, and never seems crowded. Barbara and I will brainstorm this more and we invite all of you to post your own suggestions (just below in the comments).

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Update #1

Based on conversations yesterday, there are three people known to be attending the Cineplex. Two people plan on Cineplex South Keys, and the other will attend Cineplex SilverCity Gloucester. I’ll bet many more plan to attend, and I’m eager to see them drop a note down below! These theaters are so widely dispersed geographically such that no single meeting point will be “close.”  Barbara just suggested Roast n Brew and that is a much better idea!  We’ve been there a couple times and 1) the seating there is almost a sure thing (it hasn’t yet caught on and much seating is available), plus, 2) they are a café and the food choices are much more diverse and it’s *very* good, and 3) there is some parking behind the building (then again, there’s street parking too, as Ottawa doesn’t ask for meter-feeding on Saturday, if I recall correctly) and there is indoor parking as well.

I’m inclined to think the best choice is, therefore, Roast n Brew unless everyone who wishes to join us will be using the same Cineplex.  In that scenario, I’d be into simply going to a cafe next door to the theater. A couple years ago Barbara and I viewed Tristan und Isolde at South Keys. While I found the complex very nice and convenient, I was deeply disappointed that the sound was not multichannel — not even stereo, but rather, monaural (you recall — that stuff we listened to in the 1950s). That would be incentive for me to explore another theater, but if Barbara and I were the only odd-two-out, I’d rather go to the theater everyone else is at.


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